Directly Financial Plan

You're busy. We get it. Financial planning is probably the last thing on your mind.

That's why it's so important to have financial advisors who can help you put a plan in place – a plan that makes it easier for you to build a healthy financial future for you and your family.

Your situation is unique, and you need financial advisors who really understand you and your life. We know the questions to ask and the steps to take – and we can help you learn how to keep more of the money you've worked so hard to earn!

Keep More of Your Money

Our stand-alone Directly Financial Plan provides a strategic roadmap for staying on top financially. We build it together – and when you're ready, we help you put it into action.

In a series of in-depth meetings, we will:

  • Identify Your Goals
  • Gather Financial Information
  • Analyze Your Information
  • Find Solutions Designed Just for You

This gives us what we need to walk through six critical steps of financial planning:

  • Discover: Assess your current financial achievements and perform a needs analysis.
  • Protect: Identify ways to protect your family, business, income and life.
  • Grow: Develop a saving & investment plan to build a healthy financial future.
  • Overcome: Bypass common tax mistakes and learn how charity giving can benefit you.
  • Prepare: Get ready for retirement and save enough money to really enjoy it.
  • Bestow: Leave a legacy for your family through thoughtful estate planning.

Personal access. A comprehensive review. An action plan you can follow.

Get the entire package complete for $1,797

But the Directly Financial Plan is Only the Beginning.

Our process uncovers your larger financial picture and helps us make the best long-term recommendations possible for your unique financial situation. We maintain ongoing advising relationships with clients who meet our long-term investment criteria.

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